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Re: 3D
« Reply #30 on: July 16, 2014, 06:18:32 am »
3D movies on flights in 3 years

Airbus 's revamped A330 Neo planes will have new in-flight systems enabling passengers to watch 3D films in the air

As in most things, Iíll take a wait and see attitude. Iíve been wrong on occasion. Iíll put it here in 3D, though it could also go in ĎBoeingí, because Airbus being a competitor. Airbus is doing some strange things (at least according to me), so maybe they are genius or freaking nuts. I do have a more plane related article to post.

Airline passengers will be able to watch 3D movies in the sky on board a new fleet of Airbus jets within three years, reports Variety.
The revamped A330 Neo will boast an in-flight system featuring stereoscopic capability for the first time. The first planes are expected to be delivered to airlines in 2017.
It is not yet clear whether the system being adopted will rely on special glasses, or will be built to work without them. Manufacturers of 3D screens have long suggested it is only a matter of time before the eyewear becomes redundant in the event of new technologies. Sharp showed off a prototype glasses-free TV at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January.
The A330 Neo's in-flight entertainment will also boast improved high-definition video, along with faster Wi-Fi and improved mobile connectivity using 4G technology.
Airbus launched the new model, which will compete with Boeing 's Dreamliner plane, on 14 July at the Farnborough international air show. The group expects to sell at least 1,000 planes over the next few years.

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