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Re: All Things Sci-Fi...
« Reply #30 on: July 01, 2012, 12:29:42 pm »

Horror Movies

The Possession
What it's about: Formerly titled Dybbuk Box, this is an example of that rare breed: the Jewish horror film. A couple buys a box at a yard sale, not realizing it contains something... horrifying. Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars. Watch the trailer here.
Status: Coming in August.
Prognosis: The release date for this one has kept getting pushed back, and it's ended up in August. On the other hand, the trailer looked actually scary.

What it's about: Ryan Kwanten is on an airplane that gets haunted by an evil spirit. The latest film from the director of the Grudge movies, Takashi Shimizu.
Status: Coming out in 2013, on an unspecified date.
Prognosis: Release date was pushed back from August 2012, pretty much at the last minute. But ghosts on a plane are always a recipe for good times. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

What it's about: Splice director Vincenzo Natali directs a ghost movie, in which Abigail Breslin is a ghost who died in 1986 and is trapped in a house, trying to help save a living girl from suffering the same fate. Also co-starring David Hewlett, aka Rodney McKay!
Status: Filming started back in April. It comes out sometime in 2013.
Prognosis: Natali said the script by Brian King "constructs a Borgian Labyrinth out of the most mundane settings and shows us how even in our everyday lives, we are spirits living in the material world."

The Bay
What it's about: Barry "The Sphere" Levinson directs a low-budget horror movie about horrifying parasites check out some concept art we posted yesterday.
Status: Filming ended quite some time ago, and it's probably coming in 2013.
Prognosis: It's reportedly in the same low-budget wheelhouse as Insidious and Paranormal Activity, but with parasites that can eat your tongue.
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