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Re: All Things Sci-Fi...
« Reply #60 on: May 16, 2013, 12:43:33 pm »
I have quite a bit of this in my head now since I read this right before going on my walk.

* Three Robots?  Call 'em "Foxtrot," "Tango," and "Whiskey."  Figure out why.

* You could have the psych evaluation scene from Armageddon in there, for sure, especially if you have a Tony Stark character ("you're getting three robots for the price of two because I get to pilot one, so we really don't need to be here, just sign my thing.  Go on.  Right there.  Do the loopy loop with your pen...")

* I have this picture in my head of the three robots lumbering out of the ocean mid-conversation, having to walk back to base after getting their underwater tethers snapped in battle.

* You got a team of three including a hot soldier babe?  Gotta do the swimsuit scene from Stealth.

* Also, if you have a hot Lt babe:
Stark: Hey Sloan, how about you and I have our own private debriefing.
Sloan: Forget it, Stark.
Stark: Okay, how about you, private? You think robotics are the only thing I experimented with in grad school?

* Battle in the desert.  I just hear "Stark" singing to himself "I was walking through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to get out of the rain..." before the monster pops out of the ground and the Channing Tatum character unloads a zillion rounds into it, causing all the blood and guts to spatter on the Stark robot.

* Final great big battle could have the military having made dozens of F-22 style robots.  "I gotta call my lawyer when this is done."


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