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Author Topic: ID Independence Day: Resurgence  (Read 1888 times)

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Re: ID Independence Day: Resurgence
« Reply #30 on: July 02, 2016, 05:26:45 pm »


So disappointed. I started wondering what time it was. Ya know... Looking at the clock. I actually may have dozed off.

Ya know how we talked about studio play books. Well Emmerich and Devlin must have broke out the original script, add a dash here, repeat this, make everything bigger. Way f*ucking bigger. Ludicrous bigger. The new mother ship is sooooo big, it like a hand holding a ball (earth). And it lands on Earth.

The scope of this was so big, I couldn't tell what was going on. The fights were just video game mind boggling chaotic. ID2 was like a mashup of the original, Starship Troopers, a video game Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and these stupid teen movies of late (Divergent, Twilight, etc). All the pilots were super young and spitting out cute comments while in battle.

Gawd, I guess I really hated this sequel. I have zero interest in revisiting this. It certainly missed the magic of the Original. I did not care about one character. Even the president coming back seemed a tad mentally challenged.
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