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Jack and Jill
« on: November 11, 2011, 09:41:02 am »
This movie or Adam Sandler doesn't even deserve mentioning, let alone a thread.

But I had to post this, because I appreciate George C Scott's opinion.

and this must be a good take on the pitch to studio exec's.

from Today

It might have started something like this: Let’s make Adam a mensch from the Bronx called Jack, who moved out to California, married this gorgeous wife and had two adorable kids. One of them is ethnic and adopted, which’ll be cool and, like, quirky. Maybe we can give the kid some weird random behavioral tic like taping stuff to his body. Awesome, huh?

So Jack’s life is perfect only he’s got this annoying, clueless twin sister called Jill he has to put up with once a year when she flies out for Thanksgiving. She’s also played by Adam and she’s, like, real homely and kind of a jock and has a loud, squawky voice and a lisp. And she has a pet ****atoo called Poopsie. Hilarious, right? And Jill keeps extending her stay and Jack’s going nuts.

Then, someone from marketing might have chimed in: Hey, what if we made Jack an advertising executive so we could pay for the movie with product placement for Pepto Bismol and stuff? And then, OMG, when we can’t figure out how to resolve things between the twins we’ll just stick everyone on a Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise. That way we get more promo dollars and the audience will be too distracted by all that floating luxury to notice there’s no catharsis. Genius. High-fives all round.

That’s pretty much the movie except, oh wait, there’s Al Pacino. In order to keep the Dunkin’ Donuts account, Jack’s agency needs to lock down Pacino to advertise their new Dunkaccino. (Geddit?) So Jack takes Jill to a Lakers game to stalk him. He doesn’t have a hope of convincing him to do the commercial. But – surprise -- Al is feeling nostalgic for his Bronx roots and a little off-kilter, which makes him instantly smitten with Jill.

and there seems to be a difference of opinion with critics and fans. On opening day, it's 2% critics, 69% audience.
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