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Author Topic: Jupiter Ascending (2014)  (Read 332 times)

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Re: Jupiter Ascending (2014)
« on: February 09, 2015, 10:01:02 pm »
Okay, saw the movie in the theater and it looked great... it wasn't the big big theater, but it was on a more than decent sized screen (I must remember that "8" is acceptable) and in 3D.  I don't remember if the movie was SHOT in 3D but it certainly looked good (and I prefer SF movies in 3D, it helps push the idea that the flick is in a different world).

And the chase scene, the main reason I saw the flick?  outstanding.  Until they get into the space ship, honestly, it felt like the sort of thing Superman was supposed to give us: dude flying through the city, being blasted by bad guys, saving the girl, and shot in the magic hour.  Outstanding.

I lucked out that I had a LOT to say about this movie afterwards in my notes, but I wasn't sitting through the movie wishing I could write down my thoughts, which was my big concern.  I had issues with the movie, sure, but sitting on them and playing with them later gave me some insight into why the movie worked when it worked and why it failed where it failed.

Verdict?  Uh, interesting.

And it's going to look **** AMAZING on a giant TV.  Expect that this is gonna be the "show off" movie at Best Buys and other electronics stores in a couple months (that and Big Hero 6).


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