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Re: Power Rangers (2017)
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:20:20 pm »
Wow, total 180 from the last trailer.

Digging the new command center, and I like the idea of Zordon being a wall, it looks like he can just project himself anywhere on that wall... pretty cool solution to the "head in a tube" problem from the show.

AND I can't help but notice that Bryan Cranston has facial appliances on, which I was totally expecting, I think he'll be the same alien species as Elizabeth Banks... now there's a rumor that she's the Green Ranger, and that the start of the flick will be her vs Bryan Cranston as the Red Ranger, and I think them being the same species makes that a little more likely.

Also digging the rock monster designs, two bodies stuck together.

The fighting on the beach?  Totally looks like the show in the right way, you know?

I'm still not nuts about the Zord designs... the animals look better in motion, but the big guy?  Too lanky, too messy, it looks like one unit and not a combination of things.

Alpha looks better in motion, and it's interesting to hear Bill Hader's voice come out of him.  Surprised that it's not given some elector-distortion.

I'll also say that I'm so used to Zack being black that I have to remind myself, "no, Zack is the asian guy this time!"

Oh, and apparently there's a new rumor floating about because of this moment:

People who can hear are saying that's Elizabeth Banks' voice as Trini's mom, suggesting that Rita possesses her body, which would be real interesting, as well as explain why/how Rita attacks Trini in bed in the last teaser.
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