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Re: Prometheus (Alien Prequel)
« Reply #75 on: June 04, 2012, 08:16:30 am »
I love my wife so much I could slap her. Suddenly out of nowhere she asks when ‘we’ are going to see Prometheus. After I dropped my drink, my head exploded and stuffed my brains back into skull, I quietly, but quizzically asked her “Huh?”

I then proceeded to follow up that question with “Do you know what Prometheus is about?”
“Uh No, but I like Charlize Theron”.
“Um, OK… Do you know it’s related to the Alien films… you know, those films you don’t like to watch?”
“Uh... No… But I like Charlize Theron.”
“When does it get here?”
“It starts Friday”
“Are you taking the day off?”
“I was thinking about it… but I think it’s going to be very crowded with kids out of school”
“We could go early Sunday Morning. It shouldn’t be bad then”
“But you don’t like these kinds of movies or crowds”
“It’s got Charlize Theron in it. It should be pretty good”
(Blmmmmph… my brain exploded again… gotta stuff it back in again. Please tell me how I married an insane woman)
“Believe it or not I’m thinking I want to see it in 3D… can you handle 3D?”
“Um… ya”
“Tell me again why you now want to see Prometheus?”
“To see it with you”
“Ah honey, you’re the greatest.”

That last line I made up. This whole conversation twisted my spine. Looks like I’ll be spending some bucks so my wife can see Charlize Theron… in 3D no less.
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