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Re: Prometheus (Alien Prequel)
« Reply #90 on: June 11, 2012, 01:34:41 pm »
Yea, you don’t to watch this review. They are all over the place, talking over each other. Gawd. To many spoilers. They are also sounding like whining kids continually asking why. There are lots of questions, but c'mon. And they have some legit bashes. Some I agreed with, others were just whinny. I had to turn this off.

I do want to add some links here. They are definitely spoiler intensive and should not be looked at until after you see the movie. But I guarantee, some of the discussions here will want to make you go back and watch it yet again. I think there is a lot more going on in this movie with a first watch. These discussions at the very least will spark some thoughts beyond it being a prequel/sci-fi/horror movie.

Read first...

Yes, More ‘Prometheus

Then go here for one mother of a blog with some great follow on thoughts...

Prometheus Unbound: What The Movie Was Actually About

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