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Tai Chi Zero
« on: October 21, 2012, 10:41:11 am »
I'm slightly interested... I'll check this out on DVD

Tai Chi Zero

Stephen Fung directed Tai Chi Zero, the tale of a slightly goofy but magically gifted martial artist and his quest to learn the elusive Chen style of kung fu. When he arrives at Chen Village, however, our hero discovers he has to fight to earn the Master's respect. And this is going to involve hacking a giant steampunk machine, as well as stealing some kung fu moves from the Master's daughter (played by Angelbaby yes!). See if you can name all the martial arts superstars in this trailer. We saw it last night, and it was fantastic this movie is a true hommage to the kung fu genre.

There's also an American trailer out, which you can see here. But be warned this American trailer makes the movie sound a lot sillier than it actually is. Yes, there is a lot of humor, but the movie is mostly just sweet, sweet action.

Call it Qingpunk, after the Qing Dynasty when it takes place. Tai Chi Zero comes to select theaters in the U.S. this weekend.
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