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Author Topic: What Are You Looking At? (Multiplex Edition)  (Read 3560 times)

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Re: What Are You Looking At? (Multiplex Edition)
« Reply #45 on: May 29, 2014, 11:13:48 pm »
I finally got around to seeing [i[X-Men: Days Of Future Past[/i]... I wanted to see it on the biggest screen before it got displaced (which meant 3D b/c I'm not paying full price for a small screen, screw that sh*t).  But oh man, I dug it.  i haven't seen the 3rd X-Men since it came out (and I've tried my best to forget it because it was garbage), I didn't see the Wolverine flicks (my dad gave me the last one on Blu-Ray, but the rated version and I never swapped it out, it's still in the plastic), and I don't really remember First Class (and my hearing aid didn't work, so I didn't REALLY see it when I saw it) so... it feels like an eternity since I was in the X-Men world.  X-2 was the last solid point for me, really.  So almost ten years later, seeing them all come back, ugh that was great.  And now the effects, if you've seen the Sentinel bunker attack clip online, THAT'S the X-Men I remember from a kid, now the movies can REALLY show them.  You take that, you bring in the original movie X-Men and then the best bits of First Class, it's almost like a singularity film, which I think is really great.  It feels like that core is back.  Not the core cast, maybe the core ideals, but that center, that indefinable thing that makes the X-Men movies the X-Men movies.

Something I'd have to rewatch and check, but I thought was cool, was that the future stuff matched the original movie style, and the past sort of matches the Matthew Vaughn style.  And I feel like... they did SOMETHING to the Lower Level set when they rebuilt it, they might hvae made it a lighter colour, because it looks like the one in the original but it also does feel like something that would be "futuristic" in the 70s as well.


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