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Billboard Awards vs. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:13:52 am »
So I had an interesting opportunity to compare The 2013 Billboard Music Awards vs. 2013 Rock and Roll Hall Induction of this yearís eligible and nominated participants. I understand itís not a direct comparison. In a nutshell, they both exist to recognize those in the music business and throw a trophy at them. Personally I could care less about awards, especially watching them. In the context of things, the award does nothing for the product. Itís just something to hang a hat on. So back to the recognition.

The Billboard awards kicks off with a rather fun opening from the entertaining Bruno Mars. Call me bias, but I just find Mars oozing with real talent and drive and will succeed in entertainment. I say this in contrast of some other artists that are manufactured, have marketing and in the right place at the right time. I highly doubt many of following artist will have a legacy. They are the fad for the moment and will fade into faint memories. Acts like Selena Gomez or even Justin Bieber, though very hot currently, have vapid songs that have zero endurance. There were a number of other acts I donít remember their names that had some extremely boring songs that was reminiscent of whole host of other songs that bored me. Again, a new generation of people are eating it up.

Thankfully my wife was open to stop watching The Billboard awards. I was bored silly watching some overblown act lip-synch their hit and then later destined to either present or receive an award. It all seems so contrived.

I then did On-Demand the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Thank goodness I was able to fast forward through a majority of this. There were a lot of speeches that were very long. I did not know or maybe really didnít think about the inductees that included the folks behind the scenes. I thought the Hall was only for the artists. But apparently anybody including producers, managers, etc are inducted. Iím a little torn. Iím really only interested in the artists. But I guess a lot of artists became who they are by impacted by those they worked with. Maybe if those producers and managers had some real interesting connections I would pay closer attention?

Regardless, there were a number of acts/producers I could care less about. Quincy Jones, Gary Clark Jr and John Meyer performing for Albert King, Public Enemy, Spike Lee talking for Public Enemy and few other producers/acts I had little interest in.

Randy Newman was fun and entertaining to watch. Jenifer Hudson did a tribute to Donna Summer. Donnaís husband and kids were there to pay a fantastic tribute to her. Cheech and Chong had their time, but actually I thought it was way too long. Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart each gave a rather boring and way too much thought speeches. In fact they both sounded a little hippy like or spiritual. My  eyeballs glazed over after a couple of minutes on each one. The original members were there to accept and perform. I thought it was not well prepared at all. Ann sang her ass off and Nancy played the guitar like no other mofo.
Iím not being bias here, but it was very obvious the nights highlight was RUSH. All the talent and celebrities at in first third of the auditorium. The rest were fans and they stood the whole time that RUSH was being honored. Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were giddy with excitement during their introduction speech. These guys were sooooo happy. As Grohl said, Itís about time RUSH was inducted.

Sorry for only being able to find these amateur captures...

Neil Peart gave the longest speech. It was OK and thought out. It was a speech. Geddy Lee gave a brief thank you, but by far, now in hindsight, Alex Liefson, gave the most bizarre, yet most memorable speechÖ evah. His speech will not be easily confused with 99% of all the other speeches. If youíre like me, you will go through stages of watching this. First, smirk, then WTF dude, then youíll start laughing.

Rush then performed after Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins did a tribute to RUSH. 

Iím glad I on-demanded this. As Iíve said, I just find most of this self serving and of little interest to me.
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I watched neither show because I have zero tolerance for what passes as "entertainment" when it comes to the music scene. Everything you said about 'flavor of the week' is spot on. Most of the acts that currently dominate the airwaves as well as the Award Shows will not go the distance. They will fade into obscurity, much like the "award" they claim that night. No one will remember either beyond the 15 minutes of fame they milked.

Great review Mac.
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