What's The Best Billy Idol Album Of All Time?

Don't Stop (EP - 1981)
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Billy Idol (1982)
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Rebel Yell (1983)
1 (100%)
Vital Idol (Remix Compilation) (1985/1987)
0 (0%)
Whiplash Smile (1986)
0 (0%)
Charmed Life (1990)
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Cyberpunk (1993)
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Devil's Playground (2005)
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Happy Holidays (2006)
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Author Topic: Billy Idol - Discography  (Read 536 times)

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Re: Billy Idol - Discography
« on: March 02, 2012, 10:22:18 pm »
Billy Idol (Rebel Yell) 1983

I think both Billy Idol and Steve Stevens don't get the respect they deserve, especially with regards to Rebel Yell. This album showcases that Billy has an awesome voice and that somehow get lost in the discussions about great singers because most just assume that he snarls and yells based on his videos and personae. But if you really sit down and listen to this album you will see that there is more than just the guttural singing he has been associated with on White Wedding. Just listen to tracks like Eyes Without A Face, Catch My Fall and The Dead Next Door which shows that the dude can actually sing.

Most people just think of Steve Stevens as all flash and no balls when it comes to his guitar skills. When his name is mentioned they always give him props for his lead playing, but say nothing about his riffs. The cat is so much more than just being a gunslinger axe player. He has amazing rhythm skills with some killer riffs that anchors most of the songs. Without his chops here, the songs would fall apart for sure.

There are so many great tracks on this one that it's become an unofficial Greatest Hits Album. Rebel Yell is an fantastic opener that sets the tone for the rest to follow. Great memorable melody. Eyes Without A Face is all raw intensity from Billy's deliberate singing to Steve's riff/guitar solo, it also has one of the greatest basslines ever, courtesy of Sal Cuevas. This song is on par with Queen's Under Pressure for most memorable Bassline. Blue Highway is highly underrated and I can guarantee you that most people have never heard of it if they don't own the album. It's insanely addictive when you listen to it.

Flesh For Fantasy just oozes sex. How can you not love the chorus? 'Face to face and back to back, you see and feel my sex attack'.....Awesome stuff. Catch My Fall is an earworm to the max. I've never been satisfied just listening to this one time. Impossible!!!!

Face Songs: Rebel Yell, Eyes Without A Face, Blue Highway, Flesh For Fantasy, Catch My Fall and The Dead Next Door

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