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Re: CD and Vinyl Remasters and Special Editions
« on: January 27, 2015, 07:30:43 am »
Since I'm currently upgrading a lot of stuff in my collection, I will be needing your input on specific albums. So, I'm currently looking at upgrading Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. There is a 3 Disc Remaster version. Anyone own this are at least heard any negative or positive things about the sound quality. Remember, just because something has been Remastered, it doesn't always mean that it's better. I've read a few reviews and some say that the original pressing is better. Looking to hear from you guys.......

Youíre kinda asking a wide open question. Because itís all about you, what your expectations are and how you listen to your music. Do you have a really good stereo system? Do you listen through headphones? Good Headphones? Do you sit there just to listen to the music or is it primarily something on while you do other things. Do you primarily listen in the car?

All trying to figure out the quality level you expect. I would think if your typical listening environment is NOT sitting there listening to every golden note, getting into Remasterís might be overkill. 

Researching the newly remastered Rumors, all of them talked about the iconic album, itís history and nothing about the sonic quality. I think that because itís hard to improve on a near perfect album. The original was mastered correctly and Iíve never found an issue with it. I would not be interested in the additional discs. The live disc might be fun to listen to once. Iíve always hated outtakes (3rd disc). They are outtakes for a reason and Iím not interested how the song evolved. But if thatís something of interest to you, this release will be only place you can get it.

That being said, the rest is just my opinion on Remastered albums. I just donít see the value in them. If I didnít own the album before and was considering buying, Iíd probably pick the remastered, only if it was a reasonable price. Because of my long life with music, Iíve double dipped, triple dipped way to many times. I will never re-buy something I already have. In the early CD years, there were some albums mastered badly, and itís those few that perpetuate bad CDís myth.  IMO, 99% of albums on CDís sound more than fine.

Iíve always had a pretty good stereo system. In my younger days, I would just sit and listen to every track. I no longer do that. The only time I listen to songs is while playing to them on my drum kit. Sometimes I get to listen to a CD in my car, but thatís rare of late. Seeking better sound recordings of something I have would not benefit me. I probably listen to most music on my computer or out in the garage. Neither too sonically elevating.

And Iím not even going to talk at length about Vinyl. My listening experience has been mostly negative. While it was the only thing I could listen to music with and they were good years, I would never go back.

You just have to ask yourself about this upgrading journey. Is it worth it?
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