What Is The Best David Lee Roth Album of All Time?

Crazy From The Heat (1985)
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Eat Em And Smile (1986)
1 (100%)
Skyscraper (1988)
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A Little Aint Enough (1991)
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Your Filthy little Mouth (1994)
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DLR Band (1998)
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Diamond Dave (2003)
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Strummin' with the Devil - The Southern Side of Van Halen (2006)
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Author Topic: David Lee Roth - Discography  (Read 933 times)

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Re: David Lee Roth - Discography
« on: October 15, 2011, 11:56:22 am »
David Lee Roth (Your Filthy Little Mouth) 1994

Your Filthy Little Mouth is probably his least heard album of all the major releases in his career. Might tell ya something when there aren't any videos to be found anywhere to give you guys a sample to hear. Nada.

I don't remember ever seeing any promotional videos for this album when it dropped. I picked it up when it came out just because I was a fan of DLR, so it didn't matter. And it's a shame it never got a wider audience, as it's an amazing and very diverse record and very underrated. It's a nice blend of straight ahead rockers and the more bluesy songs hinted at on A Little Ain't Enough. Throw in some reggae and some funk and you got yourself a cool party record.

"She's My Machine" is vintage Van Halen stuff here. Travis Tritt duets with Diamond Dave on the rocker "Cheatin' Heart Cafe". Sounds llike a stupid song huh? Well, aside from the lame spoken part between the two that comes before the actual song, its a damn catchy tune. The "elephant" guitar sound always gets stuck in my head. And it's not a country song, not even a whiff of it being one. "Experience" is another cool bluesy song, much in the same vein as "Sensible Shoes" from his previous release.

"No Big 'Ting" is something I shouldn't like. But damn it's so catchy and the one I play more than any other. It's a cross between Reggae and Big Band Jazz Swing, if that makes sense. "Night Life" is another great tune. Very soulful. The ladies will definitely put out if you guys wanna score. So play this one, if that's your intention.  "Sunburn" will do the same trick too, which is a great slow burn, jazz blues tinted tune. Imagine Dave in a speak easy, sitting on a stool, surrounded by cigarette smoke wafting thru the air, with a lone spotlight shining down on him with a jazz band behind playing. That's the mood of the song.

If there's one song that you will play, cruising down the strip on a weekend, it's "You're Breathin' It". Trust me, you will. I absolutely approve this record to anyone that is a fan of Diamond Dave. Pick up this record. Seriously. It's worth it. Awesome party record.

Fave Songs: Every last one of them.

I found that they did release a music video for the album.

Your Filthy Little Mouth Videos

David Lee Roth - She's My Machine

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