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Re: FIRST spins finally
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:15:55 am »
ok so listened all the way through.  I have to say YOUTUBE is never the best way to listen to's very convenient but sound quality-wise even with great speakers...depending on the upload
stuff can be very compressed, fizzy, or full of top end that sort of creates listeners "fatigue" because of the overall tone of the upload itself.

ok all that said.

It's a really good album...3 songs in I was I wonder if I will know every song on this thing (I didn't) this record screams to be played LOUD.  I don't often say that but
you throw this on at a party's going to be a good time.  Overall it had some interesting moments...sounds funny but at times it reminded me a bit of the Stray Cats
simple rock songs, that were catchy...easy to digest, and some were rockers, and some were more ballads.  CC had at times almost an EVH tone going on (Sammy era) and Brett can
actually sing pretty well.

all in all I liked the record...the version I listened to had 3 or 4 extra tracks and although most were already on the record...they have a cover of Bad Bad Leroy Brown
which really was fun and made the full experience really cool.

Best way to listen to this would be vinyl or CD and played loud...I think that's really where it's at.  Good stuff...I'd give it a 3.3 out of 5.
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