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Re: FIRST spins finally
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:47:49 pm »
ok 6 songs in now...this record is actually quite good.  I am writing my thoughts as I listen so I don't forget....damn this song is awesome/

a surprise song I knew was "she's so selfish" great great track....the song right after called "Maybe Tonight" is excellent too (wow ok..."Good Girl's Don't" I know this track too) will get small vibes of bands like The Cars
Cheap Trick, The Beatles with these guys for sure....

very interesting too...if you've ever heard the side project Dean Deleo and his brother Robert did when Scott Weiland first went into rehab called "Talk Show" they sound HEAVILY influenced by this record.

Gotta say..this started off lukewarm for me....but is actually a very very good late 70's pop rock album.  I'd say this hangs comfortably with Cheap Trick's best full studio albums (not greatest hits aka 'Live at Budokan') although they might not have the "banner" songs C/T did
spread out through their catalog This Knack album is right up there with that or say a Cars album from the same era...generally 3-5 killer tunes and then sort of "the others"...this so far has 5-6 really great songs and 2 or 3 "others"

some great spins
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