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Re: FIRST spins finally
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:02:50 pm »
Look at me go!

Billy Squier Tale of the Tape (his solo debut)

When listening to the Knack there was one guitar bit that reminded me a little of later Led Zeppelin (aka some later Jimmy Page tone) and it made me think of the man Billy Squier who I always felt at least early on had a major late
era Zeppelin sound to some of his deeper tracks...figured I'd start it off with his first solo album.  Apparently he was the singer of a band called "Piper" so I will be looking into that.

this is a fun listen honestly...he's got the full playlist on his official youtube channel...4 of the songs I actually saved and will create a fun playlist of my favorite tracks from these "first spins."
As much as I liked the Poison record as a for instance...I'd not go back and listen to any single songs...I'd be more apt to just listen to the full thing.

This album actually has had some of my favorite songs from all 3 records I've spun the last few days...but overall I think the other songs although good...are not exceptional so it lowers my rating for the full record
to a 2.7 out of 5 stars...these tracks below are super cool though and I enjoyed them all enough to actually save them...

one thing of note on The Knack album and this one...there is depth that the Poison album lacked (not meaning that as obviously as it sounds) all these records are commerical but these other records you can really see how on multiple listens
you'd get more and more out of the record...which to me is what old school vinyl collecting and that era of songwriting was about...the full record was immersive (even if the songs were pop/ or rock and could easily be singles...) which honestly although both Billy Squier and the Knack album
are rock albums...they feel substantial and like you could go back and get more and more out of the arrangements and the melodies...and they feel sometimes like they'd take a few listens to warm up to...Cheap Trick are masters of that on their deep cuts/

next up I am going to do an Alice Cooper record...I've never listened to one


I have to say also..this has been incredibly enriching and I feel like I've actually grown as a music fan doing this...and we're only 3 records this is very fun.  Trust me I am not just doing oldies...I have a long list of contemporary bands I am going to dig through also
and all genres.
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