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Re: FIRST spins finally
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:58:02 pm »
OK Alice Cooper KILLER.  This really sounds like a coming of age album for Alice...I don't know why but you just get the feeling he's assimilating all his influences and creating his own
identity all at the same time...His songs while sounding fresh and original also give echoes of the beach boys (you read that right) the beatles, jethro tull and a lot of the prog stuff coming out at that time...I hear David Bowie
but in the end it's 100% Alice and it's all coming together with the help of master Bob Ezrin...this album is really great.  It's like the end of the hippie movement and going into something with more
depth and sustenance.  It's ballsy and brash almost in a NY punk way too...but he brings the big show as you'd expect with Alice...and you can hear maybe even the influence of the Stones or this record might have influenced Meatloaf or the movie Rocky Horror Picture show.

I'd give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars...maybe even a 4.1 (gotta save room for the "top")  a few tracks maybe dip lower but overall I think a 4 is a very fair score.


excellent and a really fun listen that immediately draws you back in and wanting to travel deeper into this catchy and fun horror infused album.

put this on your to do list.

you can find the full playlist for this record here (as well as others from Alice's official page) at this link...enjoy, this is a hidden gem for sure.
I love this record and I can see it growing and really getting into my DNA.  Ezrin really is a genius and this early work shows what he can do with talent.
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