What Is The Best INXS Album of All Time?

INXS (1980)
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Underneath the Colours (1981)
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Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
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The Swing (1984)
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Listen Like Thieves (1985)
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Kick (1987)
1 (100%)
X (1990)
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Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992)
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Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993)
0 (0%)
Elegantly Wasted (1997)
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Switch (2005)
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Original Sin (2010)
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Other (Leave Comment)
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Author Topic: INXS - Discography  (Read 1585 times)

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Re: INXS - Discography
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2013, 07:03:50 pm »
INXS - Live Baby Live -  1991

What can I say about INXS that I haven't already said? For starters, as great as they were as a studio band, they were even better as a Live band and Live Baby Live is the pinnacle of their career. Simply put, this DVD f*ckin' rocks! It's one of the most incredible sounding DVDs you will EVER come across. You get a few choices in what audio format you want to run through your home theater system. The smart money is to always go with DTS to get the full spectrum of that show. Everything is there and if you have a solid Subwoofer, you will definitely feel it. Mine tops out at 500 Watts and I was only using maybe a 1/4 of it because it was just bone-rattling awesome. It was like a locomotive was running through the house and it was clean with no clipping at all.

As for the show itself, INXS has never sounded better and they were in a groove. Add to the fact that they were playing Wembley Stadium with an over enthusiastic crowd, it was a recipe for success as they pretty much caught lightening in a bottle with everything coming together perfectly. The concert itself is just one half the equation with the other half being the Retrospective/Documentary with the surviving band members of INXS talking about what it was like that night. Interjected into the talking heads segments of the Documentary are rare, behind the scenes stuff leading up to, during and after the show. It is kind of a 'Day in the Life of INXS' as they chronicle everything. I highly recommend this to both fans and non-fans of INXS. The DVD is one of the best out there with a kick-ass show that STILL delivers so many years later.
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