What Is The Best INXS Album of All Time?

INXS (1980)
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Underneath the Colours (1981)
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Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
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The Swing (1984)
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Listen Like Thieves (1985)
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Kick (1987)
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X (1990)
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Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992)
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Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993)
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Elegantly Wasted (1997)
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Switch (2005)
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Original Sin (2010)
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Author Topic: INXS - Discography  (Read 1478 times)

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Re: INXS - Discography
« Reply #15 on: April 10, 2012, 06:52:46 pm »
INXS (Elegantly Wasted) 1997

Elegantly Wasted is the final album with Michael Hutchence as lead singer for INXS before his untimely death. As far as swan songs (albums) go, both Michael and INXS went out on a high. This album just  f u c k i n g  kicks major ass. As much as I love and listen to Kick, I've actually listened to this album more. It's a harder sounding band, but maintaining a very melodic sense to all the songs. This is were the band was able to finally find that elusive sound that they had been searching for the past couple of albums. Now when I say "sound", I just mean that instead of having every song sound completely different from the next, on here the album overall jells as one. There are plenty of hard rocking songs here, but even the slower songs feel at home.

Speaking of slow songs, I gotta jump right into Everything which has the purest vocal track for Michael here. It's so raw and in your face and it's awesome. The arrangement gets an A+. You can't help but sing along. The funny thing is, whenever I listen to the track version on the album, I literally sing along not just with the band, but the people in the music video. If you don't know what I'm talking about, definitely check out the video link below for Everything to get what I mean. It will all make sense.

Another powerhouse song for Michael showcasing his range as a singer and his tone is Searching, which is a very bluesy based song. As much as I love the version on the album, there is a live version that is my favorite that I think shows off him, the band and the song in spades. I will have the live version posted below as well.

There are just so many great songs on here that its amazing how underrated the album is. Not just with INXS fans, but with the music community at large. I'm trying to figure out exactly where I would rate this on my all time favorite albums list. It's definitely Top 10 material.

Okay, back to the songs. Don't Lose Your Head was the bands entry to movies when it was used in Face / Off. It's a straight ahead rocker. Great chorus by the way. As good as this song is, it only gets better. Head straight to I'm Just A Man, Shake The Tree and She Is Rising and you will understand exactly why I play this album so much. This may be an INXS album, but this is definitely a showcase for Michael and a fitting tribute to his musical genius.

Fave Songs: Show Me, Elegantly Wasted, Everything, Don't Lose Your Head, Searching, I'm Just A Man, Girl On Fire, We Are Thrown Together, Shake The Tree, She Is Rising and Building Bridges. Yes, I just named all the songs. Sue me. So, which gets the MVP award for this one? This is really giving me a headache trying to do the album justice. Bah! I'm gonna go with Shake The Tree.

The album cover for Elegantly Wasted is one of my all time faves. It's just a cool composition with how everyone is framed within. One note about the back cover above. As you will notice it's not the US Version as you can see the last song, Shine was not release on any US pressings of the album. This is the only back cover I could find online. So, this will have to suffice for now. I'm also adding my favorite Live version of Elegantly Wasted below. If you wanna OD on a great album, you absolutely can't go wrong with this one.

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