What Is The Best Jefferson Starship Album of All Time?

Dragon Fly (1974)
0 (0%)
Red Octopus (1975)
0 (0%)
Spitfire (1976)
0 (0%)
Earth (1978)
0 (0%)
Freedom at Point Zero (1979)
0 (0%)
Modern Times (1981)
2 (100%)
Winds of Change (1982)
0 (0%)
Nuclear Furniture (1984)
0 (0%)
Knee Deep in the Hoopla (As Starship - 1985)
0 (0%)
No Protection (As Starship - 1987)
0 (0%)
Love Among the Cannibals (As Starship - 1989)
0 (0%)
Windows of Heaven (1998)
0 (0%)
Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (2008)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 2

Author Topic: Jefferson Starship - Discography  (Read 1516 times)

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Re: Jefferson Starship - Discography
« on: July 09, 2012, 10:47:25 am »
Jefferson Starship (Modern Times) 1981

First off, this is hands down the best cover they ever created and not only that, it's one of the greatest covers ever. Period. Just....awesome! Okay, now about the album itself. How does Modern Times hold up so many years later?

It's no shock that the reason why I got the album in the first place was for the MONSTER hit Find Your Way Back. Not only is this THE best song of any incarnation of the band, the song itself is still a MAJOR favorite of mine that I still play on a regular basis. When I want a song that's gonna get me in a happy sing-along-mood, this is the one I go to on a pretty consistent basis. So, is this all that Modern Times has to offer? Nope, you just have to head to track 2 and get slammed in the face with Stranger. It's a great track that sees just as much play time as  Find Your Way Back. The thing that I really love about Stranger is the way the Drums are mixed in the track along with the Bass. The song is truly an original, there isn't any other song like it.

This album was also my introduction to Craig Chaquico and his solo work on pretty much every song is a knockout, especially on the aforementioned songs. He has a very distinct sound and style of playing that is immediately recognizable. Overall, the tone and feel of the album is pretty consistent and is a true rock album from a bygone era. Most people don't realize that Grace Slick came back to the band after a good chunk of the album was written and recorded. She only has lead vocals on Stranger and Alien. This one is definitely a Mickey Thomas fronted band. Unfortunately, this also signaled the turn for the band in a few years where they just became something else all together and not in a good way either.

I'm usually not a fan of Ron Nevison. As a matter of fact, I hate pretty much anything that he has done in the late 80's and onward, especially his turn at the mixing console for KISS' Crazy Nights and Ozzy Osbourne's The Ultimate Sin albums. But on Modern Times, he still had that old school feel that made this one sound great.

Fave Songs: All of em. But I gotta point out Find Your Way Back, Stranger, Modern Times and Free as my Top picks.

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