What Is The Best Jefferson Starship Album of All Time?

Dragon Fly (1974)
0 (0%)
Red Octopus (1975)
0 (0%)
Spitfire (1976)
0 (0%)
Earth (1978)
0 (0%)
Freedom at Point Zero (1979)
0 (0%)
Modern Times (1981)
2 (100%)
Winds of Change (1982)
0 (0%)
Nuclear Furniture (1984)
0 (0%)
Knee Deep in the Hoopla (As Starship - 1985)
0 (0%)
No Protection (As Starship - 1987)
0 (0%)
Love Among the Cannibals (As Starship - 1989)
0 (0%)
Windows of Heaven (1998)
0 (0%)
Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (2008)
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Jefferson Starship - Discography  (Read 1516 times)

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Re: Jefferson Starship - Discography
« on: July 10, 2012, 08:36:58 am »
Jefferson Starship (Nuclear Furniture) 1984

The first 2 songs on Nuclear Furniture are by far the best. I can't remember which song it was that prompted me to get the album. I'm pretty sure it was No Way Out. Very infectious song that I still play even to this day. But of the 2 songs, I love and listen to Layin' It On The Line tons more. Great song. Nice follow up is Sorry Me, Sorry You. After that, this album does a complete nosedive into garbage. This is the first time I have listened to the album since maybe 1985. I didn't listen to this one much after I got it. Other than No Way Out and Layin' It On The Line, it didn't offer me much else. Live and Let Live is good, if not great.

So what about now? The album still sucks. Connection, Rose Goes To Yale and Magician are horrible, horrible songs. My God, who produced this album? Stylistically every songs that comes after the first two makes no sense whatsoever. They (everyone involved with the making of the album) must have been whacked out on drugs to think this was a good album. There is a story that I've known about for years regarding Nuclear Furniture and it involves Paul Kanter stealing the master-tapes and driving around for a few days, refusing to return them because he was horrified at the end results of this.

I am curious to know if I listen to this more, at least give it a serious workout, if my opinion of Nuclear Furniture would change. I doubt it. The videos for Layin' It On The Line and Sorry Me, Sorry You can't be found. Oh well.........

Fave Songs: Layin' It On The Line, No Way Out and Sorry Me, Sorry You

Nuclear Furniture Music Videos

Jefferson Starship - No Way Out
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