What is the Best KISS Album of All Time with the original lineup?

Wicked Lester (1972 - Pre-KISS)
0 (0%)
KISS (1974)
0 (0%)
Hotter Than Hell (1974)
0 (0%)
Dressed To Kill (1975)
0 (0%)
KISS Alive! (1975)
1 (50%)
Destroyer (1976)
1 (50%)
Rock And Roll Over (1976)
0 (0%)
Love Gun (1977)
0 (0%)
KISS Alive II (1977)
0 (0%)
Ace Frehley (1978)
0 (0%)
Gene Simmons (1978)
0 (0%)
Paul Stanley (1978)
0 (0%)
Peter Criss (1978)
0 (0%)
Dynasty (1979)
0 (0%)
Unmasked (1980)
0 (0%)
Psycho Circus (1998)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: KISS (The Original Lineup) - Discography  (Read 9474 times)

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Re: KISS (The Original Lineup) - Discography
« on: September 10, 2011, 09:01:03 am »
KISS (Self-Titled) 1974

I'll be the first to admit that I didn't really care for KISS' debut when I first picked it up. And that's only because I started with Rock And Roll Over and worked my way backwards. To me the newer stuff on RARO and Destroyer was fresher and definitely in the vein of that "wall of sound", which made everything on this album seem way to simplistic and dated IMO.

So when I first got KISS' selfi-titled album, to me it only had a couple of cool songs on it and the rest seemed nothing more than filler to me. I was an idiot back then. Stupid little kid I was.

Now and for what seems a life time, this is has been a personal fave of mine with some good f*cking music on it. I definitely rank this in my top 5 of all KISS albums. Out of the 10 songs on here, 8 of them are still used as the bulk of their live set list. The 2 songs not part of the set and from what I know, have never been played live are Kissin' Time and Love Theme From KISS, which is the only instrumental in their entire catalog of songs. And what seemed so "dated" back then is fresh and alive today. Me love this one long time.

Fave Songs: All of 'em. I love them all so much I'm gonna go ahead just name drop all the songs.  Strutter, Nothin' To Lose, Firehouse, Cold Gin, Let Me Know, Kissin' Time, Deuce, Love Theme From Kiss, 100,000 Years and Black Diamond

Great f*cking album cover too, even with the f*cked up Cat makeup done by a "professional" artist.
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