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What is the Best KISS Album of All Time with the original lineup?

Wicked Lester (1972 - Pre-KISS)
0 (0%)
KISS (1974)
0 (0%)
Hotter Than Hell (1974)
0 (0%)
Dressed To Kill (1975)
0 (0%)
KISS Alive! (1975)
1 (50%)
Destroyer (1976)
1 (50%)
Rock And Roll Over (1976)
0 (0%)
Love Gun (1977)
0 (0%)
KISS Alive II (1977)
0 (0%)
Ace Frehley (1978)
0 (0%)
Gene Simmons (1978)
0 (0%)
Paul Stanley (1978)
0 (0%)
Peter Criss (1978)
0 (0%)
Dynasty (1979)
0 (0%)
Unmasked (1980)
0 (0%)
Psycho Circus (1998)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: KISS (The Original Lineup) - Discography  (Read 6504 times)

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Re: KISS (The Original Lineup) - Discography
« on: September 10, 2011, 09:47:52 am »
KISS (Destroyer) 1976

LP-Liner Sleeve

Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time
at #496

I don't have to listen to anything after this to determine what I'm going to vote for. I already know that Destroyer is the Best Album Of All Time with the Original Lineup. It's their masterpiece. Destroyer is just worlds apart from anything they ever did before or after with Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace when it came to songwriting, recording and studio tricks for sound FX, etc....

First time I ever listened to this, I was floored. Just the opening to Detroit Rock City had me captivated with the car engine, radio and the crash that follows. I was sucked in. At the conclusion of DRC it segues right into King Of The Night Time World, which is a hell of a song. One of my all time faves.

God Of Thunder is next and is Gene's crown jewel both on record as well as live. What a lot of people don't know is that Paul wrote this for himself, but the albums producer Bob Ezrin said he just couldn't see him singing it and to give it to Gene. The rest is KISSTORY as they are fond of saying.

Great Expectations, Sweet Pain and Flaming Youth just kick so much ass too. I hear the knock against Great Expectations with the inclusion of using a kids choir as the reason why they don't rate it as high. Personally, I just think its a great song.

Shout It Out Loud finds it's way here from the Wicked Lester days in a completely different and better, i.e. classic version. Following this is Beth, their first top 10 hit.

But my personal favorite and the best song of the entire album is the last one: Do You Love Me? I put this right up there with Queen's We Will Rock You when it comes to using a drum part as the focal point of a song. These 2 songs are neck and neck for best drum song ever IMO. The slow build to the chorus is full of tension, waiting to get to those power chords. And when you finally hear those chords....ah, the release is awesome.

Hidden track that follows is 1 minute of screaming fans at a KISS concert.

Fave Songs: All of 'em

Best album cover ever! Cover artist is Ken Kelly, who would also do the Love Gun cover as well.  The inner sleeve had the KISS Army registration membership on one side and the lyrics to Detroit Rock City on the other side. The sleeve itself is hard stock cardboard. None of that flimsy paper that tears as soon as you put your vinyl back in.

FYI, I totally disagree with Rolling Stone placing this album at #496 . Top 10 in my book. Nuff' said.
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