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Re: KISSteria
« on: November 23, 2011, 09:50:54 pm »
KISSteria (2010)

It's clear that the production team behind Gene Simmon's Family Jewels is also behind KISSteria. Even though this "documentary" is about KISS as they make their way over to Austrailia for the Alive 35 Tour, taking center stage is Paul Stanley. I have re-dubbed this doc affectionately as Paul Stanley's Family Painting.   A lot of what comes in the doc is clearly staged for comedic effect and that's okay with me. It shows that the band isn't taking themselves all too seriously. And there are some pretty funny moments, namely Gene getting stuck in his harness mid-air during a concert. That gave me a pretty good laugh.

Losing Eric Stinger before a show was obviously staged for dramatic effect as well and that's okay with me too. This was still a very entertaining and fun hour. I actually wouldn't object to seeing more "documentaries" like this from the band since Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy come off extremely well and it goes a long way to pushing this incarnation of KISS to the forefront. I will be watching this one again for sure. The one thing I can take from this is that Gene and Paul didn't throw Peter and Ace under the bus and try to bury their involvement with KISS like it never happened. Had they done so, I would probably have had a different reaction to this no doubt.

The ending with Gene and Paul stepping out of the elevator was pretty funny too. More please.
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