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Author Topic: Led Zeppelin - Discography  (Read 1639 times)

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Re: Led Zeppelin - Discography
« on: February 23, 2012, 12:11:14 pm »
Led Zeppelin (Self Titled) 1969

Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time
Led Zeppelin
at #29

A lot has been said about the interplay between Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and there isn't a better example of this than on You Shook Me. It has a basic, straight ahead riff that propels the song, but for me the bright spot is when Plant and Page are trading the melody off one another, which is the definitive sound of Led Zeppelin. The song showcases both John Bonham's timing on the drums and John Paul Jones on Bass and Organ. I'm not gonna get into the whole Jeff Beck/Jimmy Page fued regarding the song. It's been told countless times already.

I love both Dazed and Confused and Your Time Is Gonna Come. Instant classics to my ears. But it's interesting in that Robert Plant has gone on record saying that the best version of Your Time Is Gonna Come is by Dread Zeppelin. As much as I love Zep's version, I absolutely have to agree with Plant's proclamation here. I actually find it hard to listen to Zep's version when I have Dread's version so deeply embedded in my DNA.

Black Mountain Side is a cool little acoustic ditty for Page to shine on. I kind of  have never looked at it as a stand alone song, but a nice bridge leading into Communication Breakdown. Ah, yeah. Communication Breakdown. Vintage Riff by Page and the banshee howling of Plant. It's just a great song with a cool groove to the song. Is it me, but when I listen to this song, I always hear where Axl Rose got some of his influences.

The rest of the album is just so kick ass with winners like I Can't Quit You Baby and How Many More Times. The great thing about Zep is that when you first get into the band, to the newcomer just discovering them for the first time, the songs can seem "chaotic" with the different arrangements and time changes. But the one thing you know is that the entire album works seemlessly as a whole. It's pure Zep, creating a style that is still be felt to this day.

It's still unbelievable to this day to think that the album was criticize by the public at large when came out. I guess if you were into folk music or whatever floated your boat at the time, that this wouldn't be your cup of tea. But still, come on, the arrangements were worlds ahead of anyone out there at the time. How can you find fault with the musicianship and songwriting back then?

The debut for Led Zeppelin is considered to be the true birth of Heavy Metal, no disrepect to Black Sabbath. Listening to the album now, you can't help but marvel at John Bonham's drumming and how he shaped the sound of Rock and Roll, just as much as Jimmy Page did. Pick any song on the album and you will hear exactly why their style of play was so incredible back then and why it's still emmulated by a lot of players today. Not a bad album to start off your legacy with that's still being felt to this day, huh?

Fave Songs:: Every single one of them. It's really hard to pick a single song over the rest because to me it's one giant song that ties nicely into each other. But if I had to pick a song, I'd go with Communication Breakdown as the Crown Jewel.
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