Author Topic: Licorice Pizza and other Record Shops  (Read 19064 times)

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Re: Licorice Pizza and other Record Shops
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2012, 09:44:16 pm »
I was thinking that when I wrote it...not Lars but how "blank tapes and making copies" would somehow effect the record companies.

greed is what ****ed them.  They lied to the public and basically said..."look CD's are only going to be MORE expensive for a little while...they are actually cheaper to make than records"  (which they are) That was their exact words.....and then they proceeded to charge twice as much for them...and even took it as far as charging $16 bucks...$18 and all of a sudden you have records that used to cost 7-9 bucks costing 16.....then 18 and up and was a joke and they never did lower the prices.......they all got rich and people finally said **** YOU this is a rip off...albums should be like $10...or we can just get them free.  I am not saying that's right...but look at any riot that push people far enough...eventually it's going to snap back in your face....they go crazy and just start grabbing anything and's not about what they really want....they just go nuts and take anything and everything not bolted down.

if they want to play nice which they don't they could probably even this out.

instead they now charge $75 for a double album on vinyl....concert tickets are through the roof, band shirts are like $45-60...with things like hoodies being something like $100/

so they didn't change at all...they took a HUGE hit.    But the greed is still there and they are trying desperately to get back to raking in the cash.

I don't see it happening.

the musicians suffer but you know...the labels did this....they can try and blame the public.  It was their fault.

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