What Is The Best Lita Ford Album of All Time?

Out for Blood (1983)
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Dancin' on the Edge (1984)
1 (50%)
Lita (1988)
1 (50%)
Stiletto (1990)
0 (0%)
Dangerous Curves (1991)
0 (0%)
Black (1995)
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Wicked Wonderland (2009)
0 (0%)
Living Like a Runaway (2012)
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Other (Leave Comment)
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Author Topic: Lita Ford - Discography  (Read 2380 times)

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Re: Lita Ford - Discography
« Reply #15 on: January 01, 2013, 05:12:56 pm »
Lita Ford (Dancin' On The Edge) 1984

I absolutely looooooooooove Dancin' On The Edge, more so now than I did when I got this back in 1984. What's funny is that this was my first introduction to Lita Ford as a solo artist just because of the heavy rotation that Gotta Let Go was currently enjoying on MTV. Even though I was a huge fan of her and the album itself, I was still just a kid that kind of dismissed it as "lightweight" because she was a chick and nothing could touch the likes of KISS, Van Halen, Ratt....But over the years Dancin' On The Edge has aged like fine wine and listening to it again now, the album just blows away a lot of records that I held in high esteem back in the day and it certainly could give a run for anyone else's money today if you were to put it up against some of the "bigger" release within the last few years.

First off, Lita Ford is insanely underrated as a Guitar player. She can kick some serious ass with her fretboard chops. Also, the songs themselves are incredibly memorable and sound great. The album as a whole is definitely a product of it's time both in song construction and how it was recorded, and I think therein lays the huge appeal for me and this album in particular.

A lot of songs like Dancing On The Edge, Gotta Let Go, Hit N Run and Don't Let Me Down Tonight have fantastic arrangements and great hooks and melodies. So much so that they are easy to turn into Earworms. You can't just listen to this album once and move on. It's very hard to walk away once you start playing it. If you have never heard of this album, other than perhaps Gotta Let Go, by all means give this a spin. It's a great Rock/Metal album that won't disappoint anyone that's a fan of the Metal genre.

FYI, if you've never seen the music video for Gotta Let Go, do yourself a f*cking favor and check it out. The fact that you get Lita in both Leather and 50's get up is a double win. Either way, she looks incredibly hot!

Fave Songs:
Dancin' On The Edge
Dressed To Kill
Gotta Let Go
Don't Let Me Down Tonight

Dancin' On The Edge Music Videos

Lita Ford - Gotta Let Go
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