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Re: Mac's Music Project Thread
« on: October 17, 2014, 12:39:44 pm »
As for paying a subscription fee to a site, personally I wouldn't do it. They are like dating sites. You pay, but no reward follows. There are better ways to get your services/name out there and you should start at your local music dealers/repairs shops. Talk to the people that work there. They are going to have the hookups and knowledge of who is looking for a drummer, etc....Also, you can put up a flyer detailing your services there as well and it's always free. Well, it is here anyway. But as I said before, talking to those that work there is the absolute best way of networking and the perks of it all (besides getting your name out there) is that when you become friends with these guys, you will most likely get discounts on equipment on all future purchases. I always did. Hope this helps.

I'm on the fence about bandmix. Even if the site leads to one good band, it's paid for itself. On the other hand, it might not do a thing. I do have my number and email secretively in my listing. Hehehe. Not secret to onlookers. Secretive to Bandmix coding and censorship of posting that info. Hehehe.

Taking your advice, I have been talking to the drum guys at Guitar Center and one of the local Music Shops. So far, none of those shops have a display board. I find that odd.
And talking to anybody that listens. I do need to talk to my neighbors son. He and I are good friends and he plays out regularly with his 3 piece band.
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