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Re: Mac's Music Project Thread
« Reply #15 on: February 11, 2015, 08:08:41 pm »
Well, i finally got to audition. It was ok. I definitely fretted over it too much. Threshold band was a nice group of folks. Guitarist was super quiet. Bass player had an extremely dry humor about him.  The woman singer was nice and sang well.

The audition was way unbalanced in sound. Guitarist got loud at times. I really didn't hear much of the bass player. He was sitting in front of his own speaker. The singer was a little too quiet. She should have turned up. I plugged directly into their mixing board. My levels were ok. In hind sight I should have brought in Tony's PA.

 I played well.  I did fret before hand and practiced what I could. I was prepared. I delivered, I think.

Funny thing. The first song was Gel. I'm going to nail this. Half way into the song, I lose the snare. No sound. Come to find out, I didn't have the connector all the way in. D'oh!!!
I played without a snare dammit.

The rest of the songs go well, but as I said, I thought the kit sounded lame.

They told me "good job". And we know that could mean nice little pat on the head... Or they liked me. I couldn't tell. As I was packing up, the next audition guy was a huge, huge man. Kinda looked like Paul Sr. from American Chopper. His breath smelled of heavy smoke. Kinda wished I stayed and heard. Not sure that's a good idea.

The band is going through heavy changes. They lost their keyboard player to bad, bad health. The guitarist just lost his job. And their drummer was done.

That's all I got. I'm glad I experienced it. I don't think they are what I'm looking for. The song selection was fun, but unfocused. They are all over the place, chaotic, and not seeing the overall entertainment direction. I might be to harsh I judgement. I just didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling. Then again I might not be even considered... Too much ego?

I might have another audition Sunday. We'll see.
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