What is the best Nine Inch Nails album?

Pretty Hate Machine
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The Downward Spiral
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The Fragile
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With Teeth
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Year Zero
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The Slip
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Ghosts I-IV
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Author Topic: Nine Inch Nails- Discography  (Read 91 times)

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Re: Nine Inch Nails- Discography
« on: September 03, 2011, 07:35:01 pm »
Pretty Hate Machine (1989)-

--Its the most 'poppy' sounding album of the bunch, but thats definitely not a fault. Head Like a Hole and Terrible Lie are great songs to work out to.

The 2010 Remaster is excellent. If I had to fault this album, it would be that the mix was WAY too quiet. Every element and layer got a complete overhaul, and it sounds GREAT. There are background vocals/ noises I discovered for the first time after listening to the new mix. For best results, listen to this on a surround sound system. HOLY HELL! Also, it features a bonus b-side: A cover of Queen's Get Down, Make Love. It's very aggressive! Something I Can Never Have has never sounded better. The remaster is worth every penny, even if you own the original version.

Broken (1992)-

--Probably the 2nd angriest album of the '90s, close behind Staind's Tormented. Short and sweet, kind of a "**** you" to his record company at the time. If you can find it, or have the guts, check out the 'Broken Movie'. Its all kinds of ****ed up and awesome.

Speaking of remasters, this is one I wish he would remaster. I want my hate to sound great!

Fixed (1993)-

--Remix album from Broken. Some really good remixes on here, although it gets kind of repetitive.

The Downward Spiral DE (1994)-

--What a great album. Even if you dont listen to NIN, the songs on this album are easily recognizable. Closer, Hurt, March of the Pigs. My favorite is Eraser. It's a great song to crank on the stereo.

The deluxe edition has a really great 2nd disc that has demos, B-sides and a few remixes. The remix of "Closer" from Se7en is here in full.

The Fragile (1999)-

--Really good double album, although I wish the instrumentals were more even with the other songs. The Day The Whole World Went Away and The Mark Has Been Made are my favorites.

Still (2002)-

--This was included in the And All That Could Have Been live album. It has 5 "deconstructed" songs and 4 unreleased songs. 3 of those unreleased songs are rejected cues from the film One Hour Photo. The version of Something I Can Never Have on this is my favorite version. He pours his heart and soul out in that version.

With Teeth (2005)-

--I like the 'rock band' feel of the album. You Know What You Are is a great song to blast, Only is another great workout song, and Getting Smaller is fun. Right Where It Belongs is the best track on it. So very, very good.

Year Zero (2007)-

--Really great concept album with great beats and lyrical content. Survivalism, Me, I'm Not, and The Great Destroyer are my favorites. I would really love to see that mini-series Trent has planned get off the ground.
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