What Is The Best No Doubt Album of All Time?

No Doubt (1992)
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The Beacon Street Collection (1995)
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Tragic Kingdom (1995)
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Return of Saturn (2000)
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Rock Steady (2001)
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Author Topic: No Doubt - Discography  (Read 1220 times)

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Re: No Doubt - Discography
« on: August 06, 2011, 11:06:44 am »
No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom) 1995

Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time
Tragic Kingdom at #441

Tragic Kingdom wasn't so tragic with Eric Stefani leaving the band. With his exodus, it drastically changed the No Doubt sound-scape, both musically and more importantly lyrically. Now, Gwen was thrust into being the main songwriter of the band, whereas before she was singing from her brothers point of view, she would now be singing from her own experiences. Although he plays on the album, this is ALL Gwen, baby!

The album itself, named as a joke for Disneyland's "The Magic Kingdom" has sold 18+ million copies worldwide, and why not? There are so many great songs on here that I basically look at it as a Greatest Hits set. Just A Girl, Spiderwebs, Hey You, Sunday Morning, The Climb and Don't Speak is just the tip of the iceberg here. The entire album is just all around fun and kicks mucho ass. Perfect from top to bottom. Songwriting is top notch and the performances are impeccable. I played TK to death when I picked up the album. I was late to the No Doubt party though. I knew of them, but never bothered to check them out. It wasn't till I saw them for the first time performing at the 1996 MTV VMA where they opened the pre-show by going front and center on the ledge of Radio City Music Hall. Amazing is all I could think of when I saw them. Her.

No Doubt - Spiderwebs (1996 VMA Pre-show)


No Doubt - Just A Girl (1996 MTV VMA Pre-Show)


Fave Songs: Every last motherfucking one of 'em. Co-MVP goes to.....Don't Speak and The Climb. Picking just a couple of songs as the albums MVP is just wrong. Everyone of them deserves that honor. I just chose these two as those were the ones I played over and over then....as well as now.

Album Cover ftw!! Classic. Front and back =  Highly recommend this. If you don't get it for the music, get it for the album cover.  ;D

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