What Is The Best No Doubt Album of All Time?

No Doubt (1992)
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The Beacon Street Collection (1995)
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Tragic Kingdom (1995)
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Return of Saturn (2000)
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Rock Steady (2001)
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Author Topic: No Doubt - Discography  (Read 1218 times)

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Re: No Doubt - Discography
« on: August 06, 2011, 05:33:27 pm »
No Doubt (Return Of Saturn) 2000

Return Of Saturn was definitely not a return to more of the same with their follow up to their mega successful Tragic Kingdom. The other night I was talking to a friend of mine specifically about ROS and why it wasn't on the same level of TK. And we both came to the conclusion it had to do with having "too much time" on their hands to record. There's something to be said keeping the recording process relatively short. I'm not saying it should be done in a week or two. But it should never drag on and on. And certainly not 1-2 years. Both Def Leppard and Guns N' Roses are guilty on all accounts.

There was so much animosity between the members of the band that it negatively affected the process,to the point they ended up taking an extended break from each other. Also, the songs themselves are more somber than previous efforts. Gwen yearning for a family, quitting the business, etc..doesn't really make for an upbeat album. This is not the feel-good-party-album that is Tragic Kingdom.

Even with all this, I still think it's a good record, if not a great one. It still has some standout songs like Simple Kind Of Life, Bathwater, Too Late and Suspension Without Suspense. I can take or leave Ex-Girlfriend. I think it's been played one to many times to really even enjoy it anymore. And having said all that, I think I still will be playing this one for the rest of the night. Somber = chill. And I just want to veg out right now. So, this will do just fine with me.

Fave Songs: The ones mentioned above. But my favorite and the MVP of the album goes to New, which I originally had to buy the Go Soundtrack to get my hands on it, while waiting for Return Of Saturn to see the light of day.

Album cover is a cluster ****. I prefer the back cover instead.

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