What Is The Best Soundtrack / Musical Score Album of All Time?

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The Simpsons
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Saturday Night Fever
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Bugsy Malone
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Dances With Wolves
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Author Topic: Soundtracks & Musical Scores - Discography  (Read 1137 times)

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Re: Soundtracks & Musical Scores - Discography
« on: June 02, 2012, 07:54:55 am »
Bugsy Malone Soundtrack (1976)

This is my most prized Vinyl because of the lengths I went to get me a copy. Long story short, it took me years to find a copy from the last time I saw it in a record store, around 1980-81 (this was long before there was an eBay). Anyway, I finally found a copy at the San Diego Comic Con in 1996. One guy wanted 120 bucks for a mint condition in its factory seal wrap. Another vendor had it for 45 bucks a few booths down. I picked that one up instead.

Love the movie. Love the music even more. For those that don't know, music and lyrics are by Paul Williams. If you don't know who he is, go and watch Smokey And The Bandit. He is Little Enos. Contrary to popular legend regarding the music, the kids do not sing on this, nor do they do in the movie. The actual performers are Paul Williams, Archie Hahn, Julie McWirder, and Liberty Williams.

I will admit that when I saw this movie when it was in the theater, I did think that Scott Baio, Jodie Foster and all the other kids in the movie were actually singing, as in it was their actual voices I was hearing. I just thought they had the incredible ability to alter and change their pitch to make themselves sound a bit older. Hey, I was just a tiny kid and didn't know any better. Cut me some slack!!!

Fave Songs: All of 'em. There isn't one song I can do without. Need 'em all. Okay, now if I had to choose, like gun to head, I guess I would say Bugsy Malone, Bad Guys, Down and Out and Good Guys/Give A Little Love. Bah! I can't exclude the others! So, I gotta add Fat Sam's Grand Slam, Tomorrow, I'm Feelin' Fine, My Name Is Tallulah. So You Wanna Be A Boxer and Ordinary Fool.

Love the Album cover. I'm not fond of the back cover that I posted. I couldn't find a pic of the actual Vinyl release of the back cover. The one posted is from the CD. As for the back of the CD, it's similar to the one on the Vinyl, but it's missing a big chunk of text as well as having a different design element to the how the images are laid out. Oh well......

This album just makes me feel good and want to dance the 'dance' as seen in Bad Guys from the movie....

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