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Re: That Metal Show (Season 12)
« on: June 12, 2013, 07:35:59 pm »
Episode 2: Corey Taylor & Josh Rand

Special Guest Guitarist: Richie Kotzen

So, the TMS guys thought they could pull a fast one on the fans of the show with 'Metal Modem'. So lets get this straight, in episode 1, Cory is communicating from some far remote area on the planet because he couldn't "get away". He must have some serious connections in high places to land a concord so that he can miraculously show up on set for Episode 2. Dude, you guys are full of sh*t! Every fan of the show knows you tale 4 episodes per day for a week to wrap up an entire season. Cory's "remote location" was the f*cking Green Room behind the TMS set. Lying mother f*ckers! Get rid of that segment. It's garbage.

So, the TMS Top 5 returns! But if you were paying close attention to Jim you would have heard him say that they are only doing the Top 5 two times this year. Ugh. I kinda kinda like that it returned this time around for one reason and that was Don and Jim immediately bashing Eddie's list, which was a f*cking joke. Eddie made brown nosing an art form with him continually crawling into Richie's ass. Geeze man, have some self respect and stop blowing smoke into every guest's ass. The other reason I'm happy to see the Top 5 return was of course getting to see more of Jennifer. Yowzza!!

My Top 5 Underrated Guitar Players list is: 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Eddie Van Halen 3. Randy Rhoads 4. Joe Satriani 5. Tiny Tim. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Based on Eddie's criteria for what makes one underrated, this list is GOLDEN!! Okay, enough bashing. As for the rest of the episode, I liked it. I thought Richie did a great job as the guest and he was different than I thought he would be. I was expecting to hear those stale riffs and licks that most would have gone with. Instead, he gave some nice changes, ala Jimi. I dug the 'Origins' segment with Bumblefoot. This is already turning out to be my favorite new segment this season. But coming in close was the return of 'The Rant' segment by Jim which was f*cking awesome and funny!! More please. Now I'm curious to see just how bad Rock Of Ages is.

Michael Willy Schenker for the win!! Hahahahahahahaha. You learn something new every time on TMS.
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