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Re: That Metal Show (Season 9)
« on: November 16, 2011, 09:13:40 pm »
Special: Axl Rose and DJ Ashba

Special Guest Guitarist: Bumblefoot

Boy, the people at VH1 Classic really went out of their way to make 11.11.11 (also my Grandma's Birthday) a true Metal Day by going out and getting the biggest fish out there...Axl Rose. The format for this episode is different from what it usually is. Eddie, Jim and Don for years have been trying to get Axl to come on That Metal Show and it never worked out. So, instead of waiting for Axl to come to them, they decided to head to Miami where Guns 'N Roses were performing in the US for the first time in 5 years.

The gang was unsure of how this would all play out and really didn't know if they were going to actually be able to snag an interview with the man himself. The interview itself seemed at bit stiff at the start, but once it got rolling, Axl loosened up and became a fun and jovial, the complete opposite of what I was expecting. I really didn't know what to expect. I'm pretty sure the last "interview" of his that I saw was immediately after the MTV Music Video Awards debacle backstage with Kurt Loder.

Eddie touched on some things that I found interesting, namely the upcoming nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. It was Axl that brought up the situation of who would the Hall be expecting to show up: the original line up or the current line up? I can answer that for you right now. ORIGINAL! Duh! Another interesting thing that Axl talked about was music videos and he hinted at the possibility of making some for Chinese Democracy. I've never heard of a band or singer entertaining the idea of making music videos for an album that's almost 4 years old. Overall the interview was entertaining, but Eddie, Jim and Don really didn't ask the one question that we all wanted to here; Reunion possibility, although they did touch upon his mini-reunion with Duff McKagan and that they are suppose to be doing something in the future together. Interesting.

DJ Ashba was also on the set, but added nothing at all. Why he was there, I have no idea.

Like I said, different format for this episode, so there was no TMS Top 5, Stump The Trunk or the Throwdown. But the biggest omission was that of Jennifer Leah Gottlieb. Call me if your reading this, Jen.

I'm still waiting for the episode to be put up on VH1 Classic. It's always up 2 days after the original air date. So, I'm wondering if there is some behind the scenes issues as to why it's still not up, almost a week after the fact. I will post the episode if and when it's up. The episode I watched was on YouTube and it's already been taken down.


I'm guessing the reason why the "episode" is posted in the way it is has to do with it not technically being part of TMS Series, but in that it's more of a Special Presentation. So, I have renamed it accordinally.
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