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Re: That Metal Show (Season 9)
« on: November 21, 2011, 02:19:44 pm »
Episode 1: Slash and Sam Dunn

Glenn Hughes

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb

Eddie Trunk & Slash

Don Jamieson


Sam Dunn

Jim Florentine

TMS Panel

Special Guest Bassist: Glenn Hughes

First off, I gotta give mad props to Glenn Hughes for sitting in. No disrespect to Billy Sheehan, but Glenn pretty much schooled him in the art of laying down a groove with a melody that makes you want to get up and dance....or bang you head. It's cool to see people come on and rip through solos, but I prefer to see and hear someone bring some ballsy grooves to their playing.

Slash and Sam both were great sitting in for their interviews. Slash touched up on the fact that they may be getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and what could happen as far as who would show up. Sam for those that don't know is the filmmaker behind Metal Evolution, which is VH1 Classic's current documentary on what else, Heavy Metal and all it's sub-genres.

Before I get to the Top 5 List, I gotta mention the start of this episode had a segment devoted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Shame and who the current singers and bands are for this years nominations. It's mind boggling the list of snubs. Yikes.

TMS Top 5 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

1. Deep Pruple
3. Rush
4. Judas Priest
5. Ronnie James Dio

My Top 5

2. Judas Priest
3. Ronnie James Dio
4. Def Leppard
5. Bon Jovi

Whatever happened to: Blas Elias. Intersting to find out the former drummer for Slaughter has been playing as part of the Blue Man Group in Vegas for the past 6 years. I did not know that. Interesting.

The Throwdown: Which Album is better: Use Your Illusion 1 or Use Your Illiusion 2

Slash and Sam picked UYI1

Eddie, Don and Jim picked UYI2

I picked UYI2

Audience picked the eventual winner: UYI2
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