Author Topic: The GURU of VAI  (Read 899 times)

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Re: The GURU of VAI
« Reply #45 on: May 09, 2020, 05:33:08 pm »
Steve Vai "Alien Guitar Secrets: EP7 - The PIA"

What a fantastic episode. Man, I tell ya, what other guitar player out there is a virtuoso on the fretboard as well as an orator. This guy can do it all. I can listen to him talk forever. This episode is basically two parts. The first half, he talks about how to be in the 'zone' and how to just let go. Riveting stuff and very informative. The 2nd half of the episode, he talks about the history of the Jem (pre and current) and how it evolved into the Pia. I can definitely see myself watching this again. Highly recommend checking this one out. His running commentary of his Acoustic playing (The Moon and I) was was hella fun to listen to.
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