What Is The Best Van Halen Album during the Sammy Hagar years?

5150 (1986)
1 (50%)
OU812 (1988)
0 (0%)
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991)
1 (50%)
Balance (1995)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Van Halen - Discography (The Sammy Hagar Years)  (Read 4811 times)

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Re: Van Halen - Discography (The Sammy Hagar Years)
« on: February 27, 2012, 04:54:04 pm »
5150 Van Halen.

After the departure or loss of front man and lead vocalist David Lee does a band survive...well if you have Eddie Van Halen at the wheel of the guitar/ drivers've got a great start./.  ok so now I will get into personal feelings really quick just to preface this review...and then back to pure objectivity (and my thoughts on this record today)  I was never a fan of Sammy solo.  I didn't like his music, I didn't like his clothes, I didn't like his hair, head bands, or bleach white teeth....hearing he was joining Van Halen was NOT good news for this 17 year old Van Halen life long fan (well since 1977) so 9 year fan (since 5150 hit the shelves in 1986.)  I have to say that back when it came out I liked it.  Not only did I like, I really liked it.  Hey no grudges right Sammy?...the guy can sing his ass off, writes amazing rock lyrics, and has an energy that fit amazingly well with the mighty Van Halen...ok enough on Sammy...lets talk the songs and Eddie.  Eddie plays GREAT on this record...there are so many great riffs piled into this album and it's songs....It's a CD filled to the BRIM (literally) with great things.  I think back when the disc came out...a CD could hold 73 minutes worth of music...and VH 5150 was was insane/  The did not screw around./

I am reviewing the lets go.

track 1 side 1.  Good Enough.....Hello...Babaaaaaay.  I mean...the song rocks.  It's got the lyrics, the punch, the riffs...the song is a perfect VH song and a GREAT, GREAT  intro to this new version of an already hugely successful band....big shoes to fill...**** yeah...and this track was them jumping in head first. 

track 2 side 1.  Why Can't This Be Love.  Even writing the title I cringe a tiny would be way too easy to write off a song like this....but it is SO good...why would you.  The verses are so f*cking good....and I mean again...this is a 5 star track.  perfect song.

track 3 side 1.  Get Up......"you say that love has got you down well that's BULL****.  **** Sammy where have you been all my life...was your solo work this good...did I totally blow ever giving you a chance...I still don't really know to this day.  I did listen to Montrose...and it just wasn't really as good as Sammy thought it was.  he says they were the American Led Zeppelin.  I'd disagree.  But we're talking about VH and this album 3 tracks in will not's amazing.

track 4 side 1.  Dreams. Blue Angels anyone?  Just kidding...really solid track and a nice change of pace....I mean something a song from the heart about wanting more in life can actually work....and this one does.

track 5 side 1.  Summer Nights.   I can't really listen to this track without thinking about the summer this record came's honestly a track I wouldn't normally like...I generally like much much much darker music...and a song about how great my summer nights are is not generally my thing....but it's a great track.

End of side 1.  I will say this since we can take a little break and talk about the packaging....I think the cover although a spotlight shot of a near naked buff guy is not my thing. (Atlas for the 1980's) the color and lightning effects do look cool...ok pet peeve time (why do you always DO this Van Halen I will NOT understand!!)...Liner notes (inner sleeve) and Back of the Album.  No track listing on back of the record jacket...and inside the lyrics are ALL out of ORDER.  It's SO annoying.  end of rant.

track 1 side 2.  Best of Both Worlds....starting to get a tiny bit poppy for my tastes....good song.....not the best.....I can forgive though great guitar playing on it.

track 2 side 2.  Love Comes Walking In.   "some kind of alien comes walking in?" / WTF?? hahahaha....again....I'd say good song, probably means more to some other people than it does for me....a nice song none the favorite part of the song is definitely the final verses (after the solo) some great stuff in there lyrically....good job Sammy..  :)

track 3 side 2.  5150.  Fantastic track....I love how there's this amazing shift from the now classic Van Hagar upbeat tempo of the first minute into the main riffs and verses...just an incredible shift into the down and dirty classic Van Halen old school sound.  I love this song...some very intricate parts in this song....and it's done flawlessly and you just enjoy the tune and don't even need to be a musician to appreciate how complex this probably is to play.

track 4 side 2.  Inside.  I could really take or leave this track....I guess in a perfect world it would have gone from the joking quality of it into more a song like "Sinner's Swing"  the multiple layers of vocals I don't like....and there's like a talking track that goes through the whole song that is annoying.....would have been nice to at least duck into the song and not have all the ambient noise running through all the verses...(it's more buried during the verses which is nice)  Kind of a bummer way to end the record...but I get the feeling the goal was to fill the entire they pushed the tracks as far as they could.

all in all...I think 5150 is amazing...I still think it's the best Sammy solo record...but over the next few months I'll work through all the albums after (on vinyl) and see what I think then.  I'd give it 5/5....the minor criticisms I have really can't pull a come back or new re-birth record like this down....the chips and odds were SO stacked against them....and they landed on their feet jumping, kicking and screaming...and it sounded damn good.  Saw the band on this was GREAT as well. 
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