What Is The Best Vinnie Vincent Album of All Time?

Vinnie Vincent Invasion (1986)
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All Systems Go (1988)
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Pyro Messiah (circa 1990 Enigma Records, unreleased)
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Euphoria (EP) (1996)
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Archive Volumes I: Speedball Jamm
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1 (100%)

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Author Topic: Vinnie Vincent - Discography  (Read 6476 times)

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Re: Vinnie Vincent - Discography
« Reply #285 on: January 21, 2018, 01:03:43 pm »
I know that...he does though contradict himself a bit here and there on just how savvy he is with online goings on.

so I don't totally believe him (just my two cents)

I think he does go online (or did) and there's enough I think proof of that (past his own words which he waffles back and forth making references to
things that will be online etc so it's like...are you online or not?  My dad is not online and knows jack sh$t about anything to do with it as a simple reference point
and he's about the same age as VV (approx 3 years older)  Vinnie clearly has been online based on his own words.

as for new music:
I don't see it happening sadly.  in terms of anything you will be able to buy on CD or MP3. (my personal belief)  He may finish the box set...but I don't think
he ever will.

I do think he will do more appearances and play at them.  I don't think his "I play 7 hours a day" is truthful personally
there wasn't really indication of that when he played...I wasn't expecting string skipping or fast runs, flowing arpeggios flying out of the guitar
etc. ...but you can tell when  someone is playing all the time or isn't/  He looked more like someone who might not be....but once was pretty adept on it./

Not hating on the guy but that sounded like a exaggeration.

I still think Vinnie is back.  I think he will stay out in the public do more interviews etc....he MIGHT finish that box set.

I think the idea of anything past 2 or 3 new songs...is probably unlikely...but I am hopeful I am wrong.

what are your thoughts on everything thus far?


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