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« on: November 18, 2013, 10:10:28 am »
Probed (Comedy - Horror - Sci-fi)

Unidentified director Jason R. Miller had some fun using a left over UFO set and created the following short film, “Probed”, starring Ed Ackerman and David Foy.

DP is Brian Sowell, with music by Scott Glasgow.

Unidentified will release on February 11, 2014 from Dark Sky Films. In it, After an ill-fated weekend of gambling in Las Vegas, four friends on the run from a loan shark find themselves stranded in the Nevada desert. But debt troubles may be the least of their worries when the group discovers that something unearthly may be stalking them. Director Jason R. Miller’s Unidentified cleverly mixes sci-fi suspense with comedy to create a truly unique take on an otherworldly encounter.“

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