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Re: Random Funny Sh*t
« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2013, 09:23:39 am »
Government can grab cell phone location records without warrant, appeals court says

OK, the core of this is because of Privacy and how it's getting all distorted, abused and flying out of control.

But it's under comedy because of the comments. There are so many great comments, many of them on how to work around the privacy issue, is just too creative and funny.

Just one example of the comments section

Darth Vader.

Hey guys, Darth Vader here,

This really isn't that big of a deal, I mean I can pretty much read your mind anyway... So yeah, no biggie! But realistically it's a good thing that I know what you're thinking. I mean one time I heard (with my mind, of course) my little daughter say in her mind, "man that han solo is so cute but he just calls me fat! i bet i could make him jealous if i kissed luke in front of him!". She said that... IN HER MIND! She is like flipping 3! or maybe 4.... oh i dont know. I mean the emperor has me doing so much stuff these days. So, anyway, I was like "hey you little kids, I'm splitting you up right now". I sent Luke to live with his uncle... A real dorky farmer in the desert (what a loser), and I sent Leah to live with some really rich people on some blue planet. The best part about it... NO CHILD SUPPORT! Haha, yeah! Mama Vader didn't raise no fool! High Five! So the kids are gone, they will never have that weird kiss... Ever! And I get a ton of time to hang out with the guys. Life is good now. Me and the guys do so many activities together. And they're always like "hey Darth, how come you always get all the ladies?" And I'm like "oh I can just read their minds". Haha, they think its a joke, but I really can! Haha, good times. But yeah, I get A LOT of chicks! Oh, and today I got this super cool new cape! Looks really classy!

Anyway... NSA...Phone tapping... NO BIG DEAL

With love, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith
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