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Disney Direct
« on: August 09, 2017, 12:52:21 am »
It was announced that that Disney will be pulling its movies from Netflix and starting its own streaming services, as well as a similar service for their ESPN channels.

Honestly, this is something I'm surprised hasn't happened yet.

Now, I think I've b*tched in the past about how I don't want to pay for a dozen different streaming services (case in point, CBS All Access JUST to watch Star Trek Discovery), but Disney is a horse of a different colour.  Why?

What's your favourite CBS show?  Is it actually a CBS show or was it created by another company and only distributed by CBS?  What's your favourite 20th Century Fox movie?

Now, what's your favourite Disney movie?  You can answer that in a second, and you know exactly what was a Disney movie and what wasn't (a couple animated flicks might be tricky, I'll concede) but more or less, Disney is instantly identifiable.  And they have a massive back catalog to draw upon, not just their classic animated movies, but their live action movies, the Disney afternoon shows, TGIF, a ton of ABC shows, not to mention their two Disney cable channels AND Radio Disney.  Not to mention specials, documentaries, etc.  They're spoiled for choice.  And I'm not sure how familiar you are with Disney Channel, but they're big on exploiting their talent: giving them shows, movies, music videos, etc.  And having that all on one platform, where they could control the promotion as well, that would be pretty big.  Not just promoting what just dropped to stream, but also what's about to come out in the theaters.

Now on top of that, imagine what else they could put on there that wouldn't quite work on traditional TV.  They could create programming about their D23 convention, for example.  I know that Ed Catmull loved The Wonderful World Of Disney, it would be great to see that come back, showing of how tech is used to create their new movies.  They could also do virtual tours of their parks, the new attractions and the old favourites.  Imagine if VR came to the channel, you could go on every ride that they ever had at any of their parks.

And that's just the content, don't forget: Disney is BIG on controlling the entire user experience, something they could never do with Netflix or Hulu, and finding a use for all that data that they'd be collecting.  I'm sure that plays more into the decision than I'd like to imagine.

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Re: Disney Direct
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2017, 06:00:38 am »
Heard about this yesterday and I agree...I too thought this would have happened a long time ago.
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