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Re: Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime Streaming News
« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2014, 04:58:24 pm »
They picked Adam because his movies do very well on Netflix across all territories, foreign and domestic.  AND there's a consistent quality to his flicks.  I'm actually having trouble thinking of anyone else who has that.  I mean, Rogen and co do all right, but do they have universal appeal?  I don't know?  Are their movies all the same?  Not at all.  Are they as famous?  Doubt it.  They're popular, yeah, but like it or not, Adam Sandler is a movie star AND his own personal brand.  Adam Sandler is in Adam Sandler movies.  You put out a mailer/poster/ad/whatever with Sandler's face and the Netflix logo together, your mind immediately thinks "Netflix has Adam Sandler films."  You put Seth Rogen, James Franco, Russell Brand, you think "Netflix has a movie WITH Rogen, Franco, whatever, or a show, or something."  Less clear.  Simple marketing.

Same thing with the original series, the first series Netflix did was Lilyhammer, and the marketing was so-and-so.  Then they got Kevin Spacey in House Of Cards.  Oh nuts.  We all love evil Kevin Spacey, they put him up on the Lincoln Memorial chair with the blood tricking from his hands, the upside down flag (which, we all know, is a distress signal) and tell people there's going to be thirteen HOURS of this?  Totally effective.

They did a big marketing blitz for Arrested Development because there was a demand for ten years for a new season, of course they exploited it.  But Orange Is The New Black?  Trailer Park Boys?  Derek?  Limited audience appeal, so limited advertising, but the quality rose to the surface.  So even though all we're hearing about is Sandler and Tiger, there's gonna be other stuff down the pipeline.  This is just the stuff they can trumpet... and let other people talk about (how many articles, tweets, blog posts, message board things like this have there already been?  We're doing Netflix's marketing for them!)


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