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Post Modern Jazz
« on: November 04, 2016, 10:46:50 am »
Post Modern Jazz

Ha, speaking of 'Bad Romance', the band starts off the concert with this number. Coincidental? I don't think so.

So in my two vain attempts at trying to land tickets to Roger Waters (and failed) and El Monstero (and failed), I happened to run across an ad for band... Post Modern Jazz. Then I looked further and they were coming to town... in a week. Long story short, I was able to grab front row seats at a 30% discount. I guess the angels were feeling sorry for me on the other losses.

Beyond watching just a video or two, I didn't know what to expect. Over time, I'm liking the genre of music more and more, and decided to see it live.

Last night was an absolute blast. Talented artists all around. Eclectic group of folks who play with each other and off each other. It was funny. It candy for the eyes as well.

PMJ takes current songs, mostly pop, and restructure it into a Postmodern jazz sound. It works and it works well. Admittedly I didn't recognize about half the songs, because quite frankly I was not familiar with the pop song. Nevertheless, it sounded awesome. It was 1-1/2 hours of real fun. My wife loved it too and this is not exactly her strong suit with music. They had some burlesque, some tap dancing, IMO, almost stole the show. Yes... tap dancing that was fun to watch. She is beautiful.

There must be several iterations of the band. Like Cirque du Soliel, they have troops that tour. The video below has several member changes from what we saw. Other video's the whole band and singers are different.
Love the evening and they had the audience from the very first hello. Well produced and sounding fantastic. I can see this show getting big. Once it catches on, it could do very well.
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