What's The Best Strip Scene Ever?

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Sin City
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From Dusk Till Dawn
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Powder Blue
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Dancing at the Blue Iguana
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The Wrestler
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Author Topic: Best Hollywood Movie Strip Scenes and More.........  (Read 9718 times)

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Re: Best Hollywood Movie Strip Scenes
« on: October 13, 2012, 10:08:42 am »
Striptease always held a special place in my heart, maybe because it's the first movie I saw with those sort of scenes in them (a couple years ago I put a different song over the "out of the shower" dance and it synced up perfectly-- my first and only attempt at that sort of thing).  I know they're fake and all, but still, it takes me back to a simpler, hornier time (and really, the only dialogue I remember is the "George Bush" bit).

I wouldn't even really count Planet Terror (or Death Proof) or Sin City as stripteases because they didn't really remove anything, we saw nothing (even if Alba was ****, technically she wouldn't have been stripping-- but this is me being pedantic).  Though I can't be the only one who saw Death Proof and would have preferred Mary Elizabeth Winstead instead (and I don't mean this as a creep--too late-- but she was the cutest cast member).

This, sadly, might be as much as we'll get:

Gotta say, it's been a while since I'd seen the Planet Terror dance (I do love the ruddy cutting and distressed film quality from the theatrical version) and I do like how she moves.  She's actually dancing, unlike Jessica Alba's Nancy lots of the time.

This goes along with the "hot girl coming out of the pool" tropes that I want to do the "ultimate" version of...
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