Author Topic: How bad was the 2013 Summer Movie Season  (Read 358 times)

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Re: How bad was the 2013 Summer Movie Season
« on: September 02, 2013, 02:23:25 pm »
I think it's a little unfair to compare every 3D film to Avatar because they pretty much invented the technology for that film.  Though I will say it is absolutely fair to call out 3D conversion, I HATE that stuff, if your movie is gonna be 3D, go Hugo with it and SHOOT it in 3D and USE the 3D.  We're all TOTALLY FINE with flat movies, we lived with them forever.

I really would like a big-screen TV (and I'm even a guy who would go for high frame rate on my TV, I'm actually coming around to it after seeing the Avengers like that) but I'm not there yet.  And I've seen some 4K tvs and they look amazing but there isn't that much content for that yet (you could get it downloading and streaming, but we have to solve this country's sh*tty internet connection issues first) and then the theaters will be in MASSIVE trouble (and god help them when RED camera quality stuff trickling down to the average consumer (the last I heard it was 5K and that was a few years ago).

And the thing about those great movies they listed in the article... how many of you saw those movies?  How many regular people who like movies but aren't plugged in even HEARD about those movies?  The high rating means nothing when you're a small movie no one hears about in a couple screens and festivals versus a sh*tty Lone Ranger that's playing in every screen it can.  Now when they come out on DVD and Blu and streaming it'll be a different matter, I'm sure, because you make good stuff and people will find it, but I think it's screwing with the numbers a bit to count their positive ratings along with the big tentpoles that everyone was overexposed to the marketing of.

Honestly, there's so many movies that I was just waiting to see on DVD because I wasn't willing to lay out that cash (Oblivion, etc) but also the smaller ones that I even avoided at festivals (the faux indies) that I knew were getting distribution, it's much easier to find them once they come out on DVD than it is to try to find a theater that's playing them.

And I realized this the other day, I haven't gotten the paper in years.  I wonder how many other households can say the same thing.  And you know what's in the paper, every day?  The theater listings!  No wonder I don't know what's playing, I only ever look at Fandango when I WANT to see something, not when I'm curious.  Has anyone considered that factor?  Systemic ignorance?


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