Author Topic: How bad was the 2013 Summer Movie Season  (Read 358 times)

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Re: How bad was the 2013 Summer Movie Season
« on: September 02, 2013, 02:56:40 pm »
SD sounds like such an expensive city to live in.  Though I am a shut-in in a smaller place (and a notorious cheapskate) so maybe I'm not the most accurate guide.  But I did work in a theater and man, we had a minute to clean each theater after a showing and we never took the trash out if we could avoid it, we'd swap out full trash cans into the empty theaters... and that's just because we didn't have the kind of time to take care of that stuff.

Outside of the lower prices (and smaller attendance), the earliest shows rock because the pro cleaning crew comes in before hand so that's as clean as that theater's gonna be all day.

I used to love the previews and so on but all the previews look the same... the whole thing about promotional material being the same is a whole other discussion, but honestly, if they're not going to take any risks with the CONTENT of the movies, you think they're gonna take any risks with the marketing of the movie?  Forget it.  So how can we tell what to see if all the promotional material feels the same.  Even indie films all have the same kind of trailer.  I finally found an article about this in my history.


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