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Re: Movie Theaters and Drive-In's
« on: July 20, 2012, 09:48:24 pm »
FullMoonDrive-In - Opening Night (Top Gun - July 20, 2012)

Well, I just got back from checking out opening night for FullMoonDrive-In theater and I gotta say that I was impressed by how organized they were and the massive turnout as well. I was expecting maybe 30 cars total and maybe a few walk-ins. Not the case here at all. A lot of people showed up and the staff did a great job in getting the cars into their respective spots. Since I won't be driving because I'm only two blocks away, I will always be doing the walk-in personally. I liked how they have it set up for those that choose not to drive. They have  a few rows of reclining style seats up near the front.

Also, I was wondering what the PA System would be like. Reading FullMoon's FAQ, I was under the impression the audio would be through the radio only. Nope. They have a PA System set up in the front for those without cars and it was louder than I expected it to be. Personally I want it even louder than that!!!! So, what about the screen? It was big. Much bigger than I even thought it would be. I was expecting it to be half the size. Hell man, I could see the screen from my house. So, this is only a partial review because I have yet to experience a movie and give my thoughts on how that plays out. But I can say just by my initial curiosity look into this, that it's gonna be very successful for the long run. But that of course will be dictated by what they decide to play. I'd like to see both T2: Judgement Day and Aliens sometime this summer there for sure. I'd buy my tickets for those right now if they said they were on sale.
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